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                                                                   Property of Mother baby, Ypatis 51 , Peristeri

At Mother baby we specialize in the manufacture and import of baby products. Since 1980 our goal is to create modern design, high quality and absolute safety products according to the latest EU standards.

On our industry’s first & second floor we have created Mother Baby’s direct sales facility. In 800sqm we present you with all products we manufacture and import as well as with many branded products.

Mother baby's principle and philosophy is to offer you excellent quality and factory -priced products, in order to serve your best interests.

We give great importance in serving you properly and are willing to devote as much time as you need to be fully informed and to choose the right products for your baby.

Come to Mother baby's sales facility and find hundreds of products for your baby and yourself as well as many ways to SAVE MONEY!

We wondered about how you could get more things for your baby with the same amount of money and found the way!

We have placed our sales facility on the first & second floor (800sqm) of our home industry, meaning that none of the products you will find here has the price of a high-street shop window.

We produce and import all kinds of baby products ensuring low cost so that you can buy everything at low prices. But you will also find cheaper branded products…(because we do not pay “shop window” rent so we do not charge you for that).

We are a Greek family business and personally check the quality and standard of all the products we produce and import so that we can confidently put our signature on them.

Experienced staff, mothers themselves will guide you through our sales facility and will answer all your questions.

At Mother baby you shop from the production source……straight to your home!

Ask any of the thousands of mothers who trusted us about Mother baby. One of them will definitely turn out to be a friend! If on the other hand you are the first expectant mother of your gang…after researching shop prices come and compare them with ours!

We want to thank all the couples that chose, trusted and supported us all these years and still continue to recommend us to their circle of friends.

With respect to your baby,
Mother baby’s team


                                                                       Warehouses, property of Mother baby



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