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Baby bed 4in1 Bedesk White

Baby bed Bedesk 3in1, is a rocking baby craddle with wooden changing unit which trasforms to a pretten bed with bedside table and a desk.
Depending on your baby age it trasforms in many forms in order to accomodate your baby during sleep up to ten years.

It has a rocking system that helps you lull your baby.

There are two levels for the mattress. In the upper level the craddles rocks and mother easily put the baby to sleep without stretching their back (0-6 months).
In the second level the craddle is stable and deeper in order to protect the baby from falling while attempt to stand on there own(6 months-2 years).
In this position you may also remove the from side and let the child move on and off the bed spontaneously (2+ years).

In the side of the craddle there is a wooden changing unit with three drawers. You may use the changing unit to change your baby till 18 months.
The drawers are easy accesible and you may storage all the necesary sanitary baby products and cloths.
We recomend you to use a soft padding on the changing unit.

Under the craddle and the wooden changer there is the preteen bed (3-10 years). In order to use the bed you have to remove the craddle and the changing unit.
The changing unit now becomes a usefull bedside table and the craddle becomes the desk. The preeten bed has two big drawers.

Baby bed 3in1 is made of natural wood formed in mdf surface with plywood and chipboard with plywood.
As we well know that your baby will chew the sides of the craddle while teething, we use a durable coating, free of formaldehyde and heavy metals.

It includes boards for both craddle and children bed.
If you wish you may replace the conventional boards with anatomical boards made of solid wood (30€).

The decoration design is optional and you may choose which one you prefer.

By purchasing the baby bed 3in1 we give you a gift card of 100€ value to choose whatever baby product you like, from our web site.

The beddings are not included in the price.
You are welcome to visit mother babys direct sales facility and rock the bed!

rock craddle with changing unit (0-6 months)
stable baby bed with changing unit (6 months-2 years)
preteen bed with bedside table and desk

External dimension: 73x1730x92cm
Internal craddel dimension: 66x119cm
Internal preteen bed dimension: 66x168cm

Material: beech wood,mdf/plywood, chipboard/plywood, water based colors (greek company Akritas)
Guarantee: 10 years

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