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your gift

Mother baby offers you the most beautiful gift for your pregnancy! *

We invite you to our sales point facility to get to know our products and without any obligation of purchase or any other commitment we will offer you the nursing and rest pillow for free.
*the offer has no expiry date and is only for available for pregnant women who visit us for the first time

The pillow offers relaxation, comfort and relief to the future mother during pregnancy. Thanks to the thousands of tiny balls it contains it can be perfectly tailored to any woman’s body. It makes you feel more comfortable at all times whether sitting in an armchair, lying in bed, or while sleeping.
Breast feeding:
During breastfeeding the pillow becomes a loving nest in the mother’s lap. It creates a sense of security and warmth for the baby while simultaneously protecting and relieving the mother’s back.



You can also use it as a bouncer and/or soft pleasant toy for your baby at all times.








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