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Baby bed Caramel White

Baby crib Tartine can be used for sleep from the first day till trhee years.
It has the perfect dimension to fit to all the rooms and to the side of parents bed.

There are two levels for the mattress. In the upper level it is easier for mommy to put her baby to sleep without stretching her back (0-6 months).
In the second level the crib becomes deeper in order to protect the baby from falling while attempt to stand on there own (6 months-3 years).
In this position you may also lower the front side and let the child move on and off the bed spontaneously (2+ years).

The front side can be adjust in trhee levels. This helps you to the daily use of the crib, changing sheets etc.
Depending on your babys age the crib adjusts for the safety and protection of your baby.

It has wheels for easy move. Two of them have stops based on the safety regulation.
You can also skip the wheels.

The crib is mostly made of beech wood and some parts of mdf.
The colors are water based, so keep calm when your baby chew the sides!

Beddings and mattress are not included in the price.
You are welcome to visit mother babys direct sales facility and see the crib.

External dimension: 68x135x104cm
Internal dimension: 62x130cm
Use: 0-3 years
Material: beech wood, mdf
Guarantee: 3 years

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