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how to order


How to order:
You can place your order in the following ways:
• by visiting our sales facility directly
• by telephone: call centre 210 5745127, 801 11 54500 (no charges apply)
• by e-mail:
• via our e-shop
We prepare all your order’s items and keep them in our warehouse under your name without any advance payment.

Product availability:
All our products are made in Greece, either of our own produce or imported.
The beds and furniture for the nursery are available in our warehouse.
In case of shortage/scarcity of a product we need a maximum of 25 days of preparation.
Mother baby’s metal-based products such as pushchairs, travel cots, high chairs etc as well as bedding and linen are always available in stock.
Other companies’ (PegPerego, Chicco etc) metal-based products are available in stock.
In case of scarcity/shortage availability is specified upon request.

Order processing time:

We advise you to place your order at least 20 to 25 days before the desired delivery date. This ensures that all items will be delivered on time. Our goal is to offer you consistency and proper customer service. This is the reason why we do not require any advance payment from you and define a specific delivery date.
The moment you place your order we inform you about the possible delivery day, which is jointly determined. If delivery of your order is urgent we will do our best to serve you immediately.

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