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We created a useful dictionary with all the new baby-related words you need to learn.
Now you will know how to use bedspreads, muslins, burp cloths etc. and the quantities you will need for your baby’s best care!

Code: 4060
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The antiperspirant bedspread’s one side is made of terry-towel while the other is waterproof. It protects from moisture that may come from vomit, urine or perspiration . It is used as a protective cover. You can put it on the cot’s mattress, the change mats, the moses basket’s and crib’s mattress, the pushchair and practically any surface you lay your baby on. Because it is waterproof it prevents the penetration of moisture into the baby’s mattress. It is machine washable.

 Dimensions and recommended quantities:
- 40x60cm, 3 pieces Pushchair, Baby Bouncer, Moses Basket, Changing Mat (13,00€ per 3piece pack )
- 60x80cm, 4 pieces Changing Mat, Crib Mattress, Cot Mattress (13,00€ per 2piece pack)
- 70x120cm , 2 pieces Cot Mattress (11,00€ per piece)
- 80x140cm , 2 pieces Preteen and Single Bed mattress (13,50€ per piece)
- 100x200cm , 2 pieces Single Bed for older children (25,00 € per piece)

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Code: 701401
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The waterproof mattress contributes to the mattress’s best maintenance. It protects the baby’s mattress from moisture emanating from perspiration, urine, burping etc. Due to its elastic perimeter if fits perfectly on the mattress and is
machine washable. It is made of breathable material, which means that it doesn’t prevent the mattress’s ventilation. It fits all baby mattresses up to 73x140 cm.
Price : 15,00 €

Price: 10,00€ 

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Swaddling small sheets Swaddling small sheets
Code: 4088
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The muslin/cuddling cloth is a small sheet made of 100% cotton. Using the muslin/cuddling cloth you make sure that your baby is always placed on a clean surface both inside and outside the house. It can also be laid as a sheet in the moses basket, the bouncer, the pushchair etc. Traditional swaddling is a great way to calm your baby and this can be achieved with muslins/cuddling cloths. Don’t forget to wrap your baby with a muslin/cuddling cloth when it is hugged by friends and relatives and even when you lie it down on the couch or your bed.

Dimension and recommended quantity: 90x90cm, 6 pieces (8,50€ - 9,50 € per 3 piece pack)


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Swaddling flanel sheet Swaddling flanel sheet
Code: 4087
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The flannel diaper or otherwise small flannel sheet is a made of 100% cotton flannel.
It is warm and soft and creates a secure feeling to the baby when hold it in your arms.
Do not forget that swaddling calms babies and you can test it by using the flannel diaper during the winter.
Mainly used on colder days and you can use it as well as a warm sheet in bassinet in rocking chair, stroller, etc.

Dimension: 90x90cm
Necessary quantity: 3 pcs  (9,50€/set 2pcs)


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Doilies Doilies
Code: 4065
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The Doilies are a soft, absorbent wipes, 100% cotton.
Use doilies to wipe the baby face from sips and swal.
Place also on your shoulder to prevent spilling when holding the baby to burp.
Do not forget to bring with you several doilies when going out with your baby, because you will need them several times.

Necessary quantity: 8 pcs (4pcs / 5,50 €)


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Safety Pad Safety Pad
Code: 202
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The safety "pad" lifts up slightly the baby when is lying.
Based on doctors studies,is suitable for newborns becasue this particulary shape aligns the head with the


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cellular cotton blanket cellular cotton blanket
Code: 4093
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The cellular cotton blanket is made of 100% cotton and is suitable for covering the baby during the spring and summer months. It comes in two sizes:
LARGE(cot/bed size) and SMALL (cuddling size)

Dimensions and Prices:
LARGE: 90x130cm for use with cot/bed, 18,50€
SMALL: 90x90cm for use with cradle/ moses basket/pushchair, 12,50€


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Fleece Baby Blanket Fleece Baby Blanket
Code: 400
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The Fleece blanket is soft and warm blanket of special material that allows the body of the baby to breathe and not sweat. It's fine to embrace the baby's body in the arms, in the stroller or in bed.

There 90x130cm size for bed and 90x90cm size, used in the bassinet, the cradle, the rocker, the stroller.

90X130cm Price: 18,00 €.
90x90cm Price: 14,00 €


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plush blanket plush blanket
Code: Κουβέρτα βελουτέ 80Χ110 Μπεζ
Manufacturer: Mother Baby

The plush blanket is the winter blanket you will need for your baby. It is soft and warm, gently embracing the baby’s body while lying or held in your lap. It comes in two sizes: LARGE (cot/bed size) and SMALL (cradle, moses basket, pushchair,
cuddling size).(hypoallergenic-100% polyester)

SPECIAL OFFER ! By purchasing a large plush blanket you will get a small one for free!

Dimensions and Prices:
LARGE :100x120cm, 30-35€
SMALL: 80x110cm 15 €


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